Haworthia limifolia (Variety-Ubomboensis)


Well rooted plant.
dispatched in pot with potting mix.

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Sunlight Exposure;Partial Shade
Moisture Needs;Little To No Watering
Haworthias are great live plants to grow on side tables and terrariums.
Areas near east, west. or south-facing windows are a good choice. Indoor spaces like work tables of office, window sills of bedroom, or shelves in living with ample indirect light is also a good choice for this live plant.
Haworthias require bright indirect light through the day, they don’t need long periods of direct light. So they can be placed in well lit indoor spaces like living room, bedroom and even outdoor spaces like balcony gardens.
Haworthias propagate through pups that grow around the main plant. Simply uproot pups when they reach one third the size of the main plant and plant it in a different pot.
Repot your haworthia once a year. This will ensure that your succulent gets fresh soil and ample room to grow.


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