The girl behind Prakriti's Garden

Hi, My name is Reshma. As I born and brought up in a family of plant lovers, don’t know when and how plants became an integral part of my life. So, I decided to do my studies in the field of plants. I qualified “Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)” and did my graduation in agriculture & masters in “Plant Breeding & Genetics”. I have created Prakriti’s Garden in a hope to inspire and help you all in creating a beautiful green corner of your own, ultimately leading to a Green, healthy & Happy Earth

How Prakriti's Garden started

Dear readers, PRAKRITIS GARDEN OPC PRIVATE LIMITED started with creation of a YouTube channel named “Prakriti’s Garden” back in March 2017. But before starting Prakriti’s Garden YouTube channel, I have created another You-Tube channel by the name “Nature in Pot” back in 2016, where I use to upload contents based on pot making, plant arrangements, terrarium etc. to inspire people for  incorporating plants in their spaces. But when I started uploading content over there, I saw many people are struggling to keep their plants alive & healthy. So I started “Prakriti’s Garden” to share my gardening knowledge & experience which I learnt so far.  I am glad that my viewers liked “Prakriti’s Garden” so much. Let me assure my viewers, we will keep helping you with your plant queries and won’t let you give up on plants and gardening. We will keep this platform as friendly and rich as possible.